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Saturday, March 29

Herald of the Yellow King - Part 5c: The King in Yellow

Kham squinted in disbelief as a child stepped out in front of him on a stage. His companions, the jester, the castle…all were gone.

“I am not the Prologue, nor the Afterword,” said the child. “Call me the Prototaph. My role is this: to tell you it is now too late to close the book or quit the theatre. You already thought you should have done so earlier, but you stayed. How harmless it all is! No definite principles are involved, no doctrines promulgated in these pristine pages, no convictions outraged…but the blow has fallen, and now it is too late. And shall I tell you where the sin lies? It is yours. You listened to us; and all the same you stay to see the Sign. Now you are ours, or, since the runes also run backwards, we are yours…forever.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:44 AM

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