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Friday, March 21

Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays: Part 6c – I Want This Car

“My Ferrari!” wailed Jim-Bean. “My poor, beautiful Ferrari!”

Hammer rolled his eyes. “It wasn’t yours to begin with.”

“She had such a brief life!” sniffed Jim-Bean. “Oh well, it was a great fling.” He took out his badge and tried to make a vehicle stop.

The driver peeled out around him.

“Good luck finding a car at two in the morning,” muttered Hammer.

A muscle car pulled up. It had tinted windows and music booming so loudly the agents could feel it in their chests.

“Get out of the car,” shouted Jim-Bean, flashing his badge. “I’m a federal agent and I am commandeering your vehicle.”

The electronic tinted window slipped down to reveal a man with a backwards cap and hooded sweatshirt. “Yo, homie. I feel bad for you man, but you are NOT takin’ mah car…”

“I don’t have time for this,” said Jim-Bean. He unslung his HK-G36 from over his shoulder and pointed it at the man in the car. “Give me you car. Now.”

The windows opened and suddenly Jim-Bean was facing down four pistols. [MORE]


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