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Monday, March 24

Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays: Part 8a – A Little Extra Help

They arrived at the West Hollywood Police Station. Hammer and Jim-Bean arrived later than the rest.

“What took you guys so long?” asked Blade, irritated.

“We made a side-trip,” said Hammer.

“Picked up a little toy,” said Jim-Bean.

The tip of an odd-looking sphere was visible in the rucksack Jim-Bean carried with him everywhere.

“What’s that?” asked Guppy.

“A toy. Like I said.” Jim-Bean jostled the bag and the toy went off, singing Old McDonald Had a Farm entirely out of animal noises: Meow, bark-bark, meow-meow-meow, moo, bark-bark-bark-bark-bark!

“You bought a toy at four in the morning?” asked Archive.

“I didn’t say I bought it,” said Jim-Bean.

Guppy eyed the sphere. “That thing looks a lot like the sphere we found.”

Jim-Bean winked back at him. [MORE]


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