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Friday, March 28

Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays: Part 9a – Political Aspirations

A reporter set up camp in front of them, beaming spotlights and cameras in their direction. A pretty young brunette in a business suit held a microphone before her and addressed the cop. “You were a witness to the events that took place today. Can you comment?”

The cop grinned. “Senator Holt’s a tough old bastard. I know he served in World War II. After all that’s happened, he’s still going ahead with his presidential nomination anyway. Hell, after what I seen today, I’ll vote for him!”

Hammer swore. “It’s in the Senator.” He turned around to face his two remaining comrades. “All right, we need a distraction. Archive, you’re with me. Jim-Bean…get these people out of here.”

Jim-Bean grinned. “I think I know how to do that.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:32 AM

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