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Saturday, March 29

Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays: Part 9b – Political Aspirations

Six police officers were ushering Senator Holt, a white-haired man in a dapper suit, off the stage of the conference room. The rest of the crowd was dispersing as they spoke.

“Federal agents!” shouted Hammer, flashing his badge. “We’ll take it from here.”

“Don’t believe them,” snarled the Senator, his hollow gaze boring into the agents. “They’re terrorists!”

“But sir, they have badges,” began one cop.

“So did Willis! Do I need to remind you one of your own tried to kill me this morning?”

The cop blanched. “No, sir.”

Hammer drew two Glocks. “Release the Senator into our custody, NOW.” Behind him, Archive drew his own pistol.

Two cops drew their pistols. “Put your weapon down!”

“I am not going to ask you again!” shouted Hammer. “The man you’re protecting is an impostor. This is a terrorist plot to blow up the building.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!” He pointed one crooked finger at Hammer. “I’ll have your ass in a sling for this.”

One of the cops lowered their pistols. “Sir, I’m not so sure…”

Holt snatched the pistol out of one of the other cop’s holsters and fired on Hammer. The agent fell to his knees, still holding his Glocks. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:54 AM

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