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Sunday, March 30

Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays: Conclusion

The firefighters, part of the STREETSWEEPER team, arrived just in time.

“You stupid morons screwed up again, didn’t you?” muttered Drake. He was dressed in a firefighter’s coat and hat. But the hat was a little too big for his elderly frame. “And now I have to wear this.”

“We stopped the thing,” said Hammer.

“But not before it got to the Senator.” He shrugged. “At least it was a Democrat. Clean it up boys!”

“The fire’s out,” said Guppy. “So we don’t need…oh.”

Firefighters opened up cases of firefighting equipment. But instead, they lifted flamethrowers out of their toolkits. They busily set to igniting the stage, the chairs, and the corpses. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:59 AM

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