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Friday, April 25

IN GENRE: Modern Dark Fantasy Adventure

I stumbled across an article about a certain play style that happens to match the style of our current Majestic-12 D20 Modern game, when I found this:

There are several basic protagonist types. There is the Naive Hero, thrust into a terrifying situation, who must rally and become, of necessity, a fighter. There is the Legacy Hero, who possesses a unique and powerful supernatural talent that makes them, willingly or not, an involved party in the battle between good and evil. There is the Scholar, often a scientist, occultist, or a member of a secret cabal, who possesses slight, but vital, knowledge about the enemy and how to defeat them. Finally, there is the Tough Guy, the military, police, or jock type character whose job is to battle monsters and sacrifice their life at dramatically appropriate times.
This isn't just an accurate quote, it's a dead on assessment of our current characters.
The weird thing is I didn't assign these archetypes, the players fell into them! [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:23 PM

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