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Saturday, April 26

The Last Resort - Part 3b: Conversing With Talbot Estus

“Where did you come up with such an interesting play?” asked Ilmarė.

“Funny you should ask!” said Talbot. “I was inspired by The King in Yellow. Have you heard of it?”

“I assume you mean the book, not the character,” said Ilmarė. “Yes, I’ve heard of it.”

“I purchased a copy off of the famous Coryan playwright, Livius Carbo.” Talbot spoke with rising excitement. ”Legend has it that it was performed in front of an entire town; they rioted afterwards, burning the entire place to the ground. Can you imagine such…” he searched for a word.

“Fervor?” asked Ilmarė.

“Fervor, yes!” Talbot smiled at from beneath his mask. “What‘s your name, by the by?” [MORE]


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