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Sunday, April 27

The Last Resort - Part 4: A Gentle Reminder

“Yes.” Kham leaned across the table. “But you seem to be missing something.”

Egil patted his robe down. “Oh?”

Kham grabbed Egil’s hand by the wrist. “A pinky!” Egil’s pinky was wrapped in a bandage. It was missing a piece above the knuckle. “What kind of trouble are you in, Egil?”

Egil gulped, hard. “I had originally hoped to bring you to speak on behalf of Lucius, but…”

“Egil,” said Kham. “What kind of trouble?”

“You recall how I paid you those past two times to investigate the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign?”

Beldin leaned forward, intrigued. “Yes?”

“Well, as you’ve pointed out before, the Brothers of Althares take a vow of poverty.”

Kham slapped his forehead. ”Egil, you didn’t.”

Egil rubbed the back of his head and nodded.

“What?” asked Beldin.

“He borrowed from a loan shark. And if I know Freeport, my guess is he borrowed from the most powerful crime boss in town—“

“Finn val’Borda.” Egil sighed. [MORE]


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