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Monday, April 28

The Last Resort - Part 5a: An Honest Game of Chance

Henry Tranco was a handsome man, with a carefully trimmed beard. His jet-black hair hung rakishly over one eye. He shuffled the cards again as Kham sat at the table.

“So you’re joining me after all,” he said with a ready smile. “Good to see you Kham. It’s been too long.”

Kham grumbled as he sifted through his money pouch. “Not long enough. I lost something very valuable last time.”

“Oh that’s right,” said Henry. “I remember now. Well, no hard feelings. I should warn you, this is a high stakes game.”

“I wouldn’t be playing if it weren’t,” said Kham. “My companion here is Beldin Soulforge.”

“Good to see a Solani dwarf who knows his way around men and gold.” Henry shuffled the cards again. “Welcome to the game.”

Beldin grunted over his mug.

Ilmarė sat down next to the dwarf with a huff. “Idiots.”

“Welcome, Osalikene!” said Henry with a grin. “I’ll take your comment as an assessment of the actors over there and not of my gaming companions.”

“Don’t be so sure,” muttered Kham. [MORE]


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