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Tuesday, April 29

Thin Jack: Conclusion

The arrival of the police to arrest Vanvon interrupted their argument only for a few minutes.

Standing in front of the team’s trailer, Christine shook her head at Blade. “You did it again. You had to go and f**k everything up for me, didn’t you?”

Blade laughed. “Me? That thing was trying to kill you—WOULD have killed you, if it hadn’t been for me! You were so focused on the movie and your big break that you couldn’t see it was going to eat you!”

“You know, there is the possibility that it was mentally controlling everyone on the set…” began Guppy.

“Shut up,” they both snapped at him.

Guppy cleared his throat and went back into the trailer. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:25 AM

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