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Friday, April 25

Thin Jack: Part 7a – The Thing in the Mine

“I still think we should have put the body in a freezer,” said Caprice as he shoveled another pile of dirt out of the makeshift grave.

“You mean the drink freezer?” asked Hammer.

“We could just tell people not to get any drinks,” began Guppy when Blade shushed him.

He pointed. Off in the distance, they could see the headlights of a vehicle pulling away. In total darkness, the driver couldn’t see what they were up to. Which was the point.

“That’s a Hummer,” said Caprice.

“Vanvon.” He nodded towards Guppy and Caprice. “Let’s go.” Hammer was still digging. “I’ll call you if we find anything.”
They took off in the direction of the hill where Vanvon’s Hummer was. [MORE]


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