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Sunday, April 27

Thin Jack: Part 7c – The Thing in the Mine

It laughed. Then, grabbing Hammer by the throat, it hurled him into the darkness beyond the Hummer.

The Hummer! Guppy tore the door open and dove into the driver’s seat. The thing was standing in front of him.

He shifted the Hummer out of park and slammed on the gas pedal. The Hummer lurched forward, screeching its wheels as it thudded against the thing. There was a shriek as it was pinned against the entrance to the mine.

The Hummer protested, revving louder. He couldn’t push it any further because the mine entrance was too narrow.

Guppy threw it in reverse. The Hummer lurched backwards. Guppy peered over the edge of the Hummer. The thing was gone.

He kicked it into drive, but the Hummer didn’t get any traction. That’s when he felt it lift up.

“Mother trucker,” hissed Guppy. The Hummer winched up higher and higher with a shriek. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:02 AM

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