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Saturday, May 24

Chapter 27: The Consequences of Vice - Introduction

This is a free download set in the Freeport setting, "The Consequences of Vice," written by William Simoni. You can download this adventure at: You can read more about Arcanis at http://www.onaraonline.org. Please note: This adventure contains spoilers!

Our cast of characters includes:

This adventure is more of an outline, so there was a lot more freedom to modify the NPCs and events. That said, the PCs were surprisingly “on script,” visiting the Crematorium first (before even speaking to Aljandros) and even chasing Hayden Judson on cue.

Even the ambush by the rival mercenary group was a close fight. This NPC vs. PC battle is probably the most climactic sorcerer vs. wizard combat to date, and it illustrated the inherent advantages of being a sorcerer. Although the PCs were nearly defeated, even with the odds stacked in their favor the PCs were not able to press the advantage. Just to clarify how the fight matched up:

At heart, this adventure is much more about street politics. At one point the PCs wondered just how this all fit in with Lucius, but then one piece of information is dropped that makes Kham forget all about him. [MORE]


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