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Monday, May 26

The Consequences of Vice: Part 1 – The Crematorium

An insect-like figure approached the dock as they disembarked. The man’s features were completely concealed underneath a black hood with two large lenses. A mouthpiece pulsed as the man inhaled and exhaled.

“You are not velcome here,” he said, muffled by the mask. “Ve do not receive visitors.”

“A fellow Cancerite,” said Sebastian with a slight smile. “We are conducting an investigation. We’d like to view a certain corpse, if you haven’t burned it.”

The only response was the figure’s mouthpiece pulsing in and out.

Sebastian nudged Beldin. “Show him the Sign of Drac.”

Beldin reached for the medallion around his neck and held it up.

“Is dis a joke?” said the figure.

Beldin looked at his medallion. Someone had replaced it with a symbol of the Undir Benevolent Association.

“Damn you, Kham!” shouted the dwarf. [MORE]


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