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Tuesday, May 27

The Consequences of Vice: Part 2a – The Freeport Institute

The Freeport Institute was located in a large building in the western-most end of Drac’s End. In fact, it cut off most of the rest of Drac’s End from the Merchant District, with the exception of the houses in the Cluster.

“You sure this is the place?” asked Vlad.

Sebastian nodded. “I have a contact with one of the professors here.”

They stood in front of a series of small buildings gathered together at the far west end of Drac’s End.

Ilmarė peered down one of the tight passageways between buildings. “You humans call this place an institute of higher learning? Calling the passageways between the buildings here streets would be laughable. I wouldn’t even refer to them as alleys.”

“I agree.” Sebastian craned his neck, looking for his contact in the bustle of students moving to and from the dorms. “It makes the tunnels in Solanos Mor look roomy.”

Beldin grunted. “I rather like it. Reminds me of home.” [MORE]


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