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Tuesday, May 27

The Consequences of Vice: Part 2b – The Freeport Institute

“Now,” said a stuffy professor from Canceri with frizzy white hair and bushy eyebrows, “Vhen you mix de two components—“

He was cut off by Hayden’s entrance. The student barreled past him, spilling alchemical solutions hither and yon. He launched himself through an open window.

The mixture of chemicals on the floor began to sizzle and pop.

A second later, Ilmarė skidded through the room. The elorii slid along the slick floor without losing her balance and then hopped up, clearing the window with ease.

Vlad stomped into the room, looking around for his prey.

“Oh no!” shouted the professor. “If de saltpeter mixes with de charcoal and sulphur…”

He didn’t need to finish. Vlad tore Grungronazharr from its sheath and held it before him. “Get behind me! [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:10 PM

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