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Thursday, May 29

The Consequences of Vice: Part 2c – The Freeport Institute

“Get your beads here!” shouted yet another cart vendor. “Get your shiny beads here!”

Ilmarė couldn’t see the vendor but knew what was going to happen next. Sure enough, beads went flying in every direction. She leaped over them.

Hayden had fled into Scurvytown. Prostitutes and drunks were everywhere.

“The Sea Lord’s Guard!” shouted Hayden. “Run for your life!”

Ilmarė cursed as a mass of panicked bodies fled in all directions. Some of them slipped and fell on the beads, piling up on top of each other. She could leap over obstacles, but it was impossible to navigate through the panicked throng.

“Stupid humans,” she snarled. They’d stomp each other to death just to get away from the Guard.

“That’s enough,” said Sebastian. He pointed towards the sky. “Incendiaries globus!”


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:11 AM

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