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Friday, May 30

The Consequences of Vice: Part 2e – The Freeport Institute

Kham sat at the bow of the boat. It was a bright little vessel of polished wood with a white sail, and it moved gently across the lake in front of the breeze. He looked down into the water, past where his trailing hand disturbed the surface. It was spirit-thick and gray.

Was that movement?

Kham pulled up his hand and a mottled shape ballooned past him not far below, then another—huge marine creatures. Up ahead, the water slapped.

The fluorescent green back of one of the things cleared the surface for a moment, and then dove.

Kham saw it still. It was coming right at him—bigger and bigger. Then it reared out of the water fully, looming above the boat like a cliff. He couldn’t wait for it.

He stood and stepped off into the water. Falling. Falling. Eyes closed. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:03 PM

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