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Sunday, May 25

The Consequences of Vice: Prologue

Kham sauntered up to entrance to The Tombs, much more confident than before. One of the guards exchanged words with him. He flashed the Order of Drac hanging from around his neck. Then the portcullis winched open. There was no crowd at night, driven off by the night air and sharp encouragement from the Sea Lord Guardsmen.

“Where did you get that medallion?” asked Ilmarė. She touched her own just to confirm it was still around her neck. “I thought Finn took yours?”

“He did,” Kham ducked under the portcullis. “But that’s not important. We’re getting in, aren’t we?”

“I don’t know that we even want to be here.” Ilmarė followed him in.

“Well if i' ain't my girlfriend!” shouted Price. He was dressed in a nightshirt and cap.

Ilmarė pinched the bridge of her nose between forefinger and thumb. “Osalian help me.” [MORE]


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