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Friday, May 16

Darkest Calling: Part 4b – The Well

Out of the darkness strode John Takoda and his men. They were all there: Knightly, the renegade police officers, the entire tribe had turned out to see the last sacrifice. They watched in complete silence.

“Your O’odham needs some work,” said Takoda quietly. “Why are you fighting your destiny?”

“Fighting?” Blade snarled. “Give me my hatchets and I’ll show you fighting.”

“You do not understand.” They tied him up again, his legs too this time. Then they tossed Blade into the back of a jeep. “Think of the dark spirits you have defeated.”

“He’s trying to trick you,” whispered the voice. “Don’t listen to him.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” snarled Blade.

“I think you do. First you defeated the Traveler. Then Thin Jack. Then the Skinwalker. I dispelled the Festering Shambler. There is but one more spirit and one more sacrifice to be made. Will you not go honorably?”

The jeep bounced along as they drove out to the spot of the sacrifice. [MORE]


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