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Friday, May 2


I can't blame Stanley Bing (AKA Gil Schwartz, according to Wikipedia) for this, but it still ticks me off because I happen to do this for a living. His readers sent in hundreds of bulls**t jobs. And they picked 20 favorites - jobs that are the most satisfying, lucrative and least useful. Here, in readers' own words, are the best bulls**t jobs.
1.Communications manager
Essentially you're getting paid well - in the six figures up to 50 percent of your base for bonus - to write e-mails, memos and articles for senior management that their employees have no interest in reading. Oh, and through these written communications we're supposed to inform and engage employees so that they're proud of the company they work for. [MORE]
Just to be clear, this job (MY JOB) beats out Professional Clairvoyant, Robot Operator, and Door Monitor. No respect, I tell ya...


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:32 AM

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