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Thursday, May 15

The Last Resort - Conclusion

Kham finally returned to The Last Resort. He was concerned that Fleshripper might make him do something rash, but its murderous urges were blessedly absent.

Kham slumped into a chair with his other companions. Egil ran over to him. He hadn’t left the resort since the night before. “Well?”

“The debt is repaid,” Kham said wearily. “Finn won’t try to kill you.”

“Thank Althares!” shouted Egil. He nearly sobbed and hug Kham tightly. “Thank you!”

“All right, get off me,” said Kham. “Bobbin, I need a drink.”

Bobbin hurried off to get him a drink. They were surrounded by the sounds of hammering and sawing. Men were already working hard to put things back in order.

He did a double take. The workers weren’t men; they were orcs.

Kham turned back to the others. “Did you notice that…” he caught their dour expressions. “Don’t look so happy to see me." [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:06 AM

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