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Monday, May 12

The Last Resort - Part 10c: Dirty Business

“Your new project, what’s the name of it?“

Sebastian pulled out a knife from his belt. Talbot watched the blade.

“The Yellow Sign,” said Talbot. “I was inspired after the opening celebration of Milton’s Folly. It will be—“

“You must not write it. To write that book is to spread the taint of the Unspeakable One’s madness. You’ll kill more people. Maybe thousands. And you might inspire another playwright.”

“Then I’ve done my job,” said Talbot. “Is it not the artist’s role to inspire? And by so imitating, create a new form of art?”

Sebastian grabbed a chair, placed it in front of Talbot, and sat on it.

“You’re not listening to me. You can’t write that book.”

“You’re not listening to ME. I must write it. Writing is my life.”

Sebastian stared into Talbot’s face. “I don’t want to do this, Talbot. You understand what you’re forcing me to do?”

Talbot said nothing. He just stared back at Sebastian. [MORE]


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