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Wednesday, May 14

The Last Resort - Part 10e: Dirty Business

The Finn Syndicate headquarters was a large building in the center of the Eastern District, right on the Field of Honor.

Kham expected enforcers to shove him down an alley, blindfolded. Much to his surprise, he walked right through the double doors unmolested. A large sign read, “Undir Benevolent Association.”

Inside was a row of pillars and steps leading up. The main pillared hallway continued to the left and a smaller hallway branched off to the right. A sign indicated where the offices were.

Kham wasn’t sure if he was applying for an application or meeting with a crime boss. He knocked on the door labeled “Finn.”

“Come in,” said a gravelly voice.

Kham pushed open the door. Inside was a puffy, overweight val’Borda reading a document. He took off his pince-nez. “Kham, good to see you,” he said, as if he knew Kham all his life. “Come in.” [MORE]


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