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Friday, May 2

The Last Resort - Part 7a: The Chosen One

Kham stared intently at his hand. He had the unique Bahamut card, the Dragon God. Except that he couldn’t add Bahamut to his flight without losing the gambit. The card specifically stated that as long as he had Bahamut and an evil dragon in his flight, he couldn’t win the gambit. All he had were evil dragons in his hand.

On the other hand, the strength of the Bahamut card was too tempting to pass up: Bahamut had a strength of thirteen. He was bound to be the highest with Bahamut in his flight!

Making a decision, Kham snapped the Bahamut card down.

“A strong showing,” said Henry. “With Bahamut and your Copper Dragon, you’re at a strength of twenty-three.”

Kham leaned back in his chair. “Let’s see you beat that!”

Behind him, a half-naked Thomas Rhymer fled The Last Resort. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:26 AM

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