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Sunday, May 4

The Last Resort - Part 7c: The Chosen One

Four men walked over to Egil’s former room. Three stood in front of the door, masking the fourth as he fiddled with the door’s lock. They quickly entered the room and closed the door behind them.

A few seconds later, Sebastian knocked on the door. “Egil, is everything okay in there?”

There was the sound of clothing being shredded over and over.

“Sounds like a no,” said Sebastian. “Beldin, if you please.”

Beldin lifted his axe and hacked at the door. The doorknob splintered apart as the door swung open.

The four men had thrown back their cloaks, revealing bright purple robes with the yellow sign emblazoned on the front. They each wielded a wavy-bladed dagger. Judging by the feathers floating around the room, the cultists had plunged their daggers into the bed several times.

“The Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign.” Sebastian sighed. “I hate those guys.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 3:40 PM

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