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Tuesday, May 6

The Last Resort - Part 8b: News from Home

Kham hopped lightly from window to window. He had to remember to thank Falthar for his excellent potions.

He was about to make the leap to Edward’s window when he saw another darkly garbed figure leaping from windowsill to windowsill ahead of him.

Incapable of resisting, Kham gave chase.

He landed on the sill without making a sound…and nearly fell out the window at the sight of of a looming, hawk-nosed face. It was the nobleman’s mask Kham had seen before.

Inside, a snoring Thralen val’Ossan was asleep. Emric Ossan-Drac slumbered in a bed next to him. Between them stood the female assassin.

Kham pulled two pistols from his overcoat. He took careful aim…

The ensuing gunshots rattled the room. The assassin spun as the pistol blasts strafed her. Emric and Thralen bolted straight up out of their beds.

“Get down!” shouted Kham as he reached for two more pistols.

“That’s two Kham,” the assassin whispered in a husky feminine voice. “There won’t be a third time.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:12 AM

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