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Thursday, May 8

The Last Resort - Part 9a: Cultural Treasures

Kham crept through the window to Edward’s room. Edward was snoring peacefully next to a medium-sized sea chest and a large wooden crate. The man could sleep through Bahamut roaring, he decided. It was probably from having to be on board a ship with the very boisterous Captain Baldric.

He padded into the room. The crate was jimmied open. Edward had revealed its contents, probably to a buyer.

Kham rapped lightly on the side of the crate with his knuckles. “Cal? Are you in there?”

There was no response. Kham took a deep breath. He was being paranoid.

He carefully lifted the lid off and, with no small effort, lowered it gently to the ground.

Kham peered into the crate. Inside was a python-headed serpent with clawed humanoid arms. It had smooth scales, marked with black and brown bands.

“Definitely not Cal.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:33 AM

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