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Friday, May 9

The Last Resort - Part 9b: Cultural Treasures

“Three!” shouted the crowd.

“There were two rival cults after the same target,” said Beldin. “Seems the Brotherhood is very disorganized these days.”

“Two!” shouted the crowd.

“Aren’t all religions?” Ilmarė said with a sneer.

“One!” shouted the crowd.

People cheered as they lifted their masks and shouted at the top of their lungs. Some guests tossed their masks into the air. People hugged and kissed. Henry was in the middle of finishing up his game of Three-Dragon Ante with the remaining actors.

Then a huge crate exploded through the doorframe. Kham landed on top of Henry’s table, managing to not dislodge a single chip. With another leap and trailing a lot of blood, he dove out the front door.

The crowd cheered. Then it stopped cheering when a ten-foot tall giant snake-man smashed through the railing overhead, landing in the middle of the floor. It snaked after Kham.

“A samat, here?” Ilmarė shouted.

“Well, now we know what happened to Kham,” said Sebastian. [MORE]


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