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Friday, May 23

The Madman: Conclusion

They met back at The Last Resort.

Kham looked terrible. He had bags under his eyes. Sebastian sat across from him, equally haggard. He wore a heavy cloak over his shoulders. “There’s been another death at The Tombs. A man committed suicide.”

“Not that uncommon in The Tombs,” said Kham. “What of it?”

“My contacts don’t believe it’s a suicide. They think it’s a murder.”

“Great,” said Beldin. “As if there aren’t enough deaths to go around.”

“That’s not the interesting part,” said Sebastian. “The boy’s name was Frederick Haddon.”

Ilmarė froze in mid sip of her tea. “Haddon? You’re sure?”

Sebastian nodded. “Yes, that Haddon. Federick Haddon was Aljandros Haddon’s eldest son.”

“Looks like you should have used some of your pixie dust on more than just Aljandros’ wife,” said Kham wearily.

“With a family like that, I’d kill myself too,” said Ilmarė.

Kham picked up his mug and abruptly shoved off from the table.

“Was it something I said?” asked Ilmarė. [MORE]


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