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Sunday, May 18

The Madman: Part 1 – Interview With Egil

Egil nodded. “Kham, I know you once knew Lucius.”

Lucius was Kham’s connection to Egil. Though the two were never close friends, they grew up in the same town in Coryan. It was Lucius who provided the common link between Kham and Egil, and it was Lucius who convinced Egil to take Kham in, so many years ago.

“Since his incarceration, Lucius has suffered from night terrors, but I’m encouraged by his progress. I see no evidence of untreatable long-term insanity in Lucius; the brief and predictably spaced attacks have been controlled by strong sleeping drafts. Thanks to my influence, I have managed to get Lucius a stay of execution, but his retirement to The Tombs is due for review.”

Egil paused, obviously concerned.

“Judge Shamus McGowan will decide whether to release Lucius or keep him in The Tombs, but he is uneasy on one point. It concerns the stance of Lucius’ family. All communication on the case has been with Corinalous val’Abebi.”

Kham blinked. “My dad?” [MORE]


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