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Tuesday, May 20

The Madman: Part 3 – Interview With Lucius Roby

Lucius stared at Vlad. “I don’t think he will stay away. So here is a kindness I would like you to pass on to him for when he sees that the King does not offer him what he hopes. To divert the King’s attention away from Arcanis and back upon the dream city, he must think of Cassilda’s song:

The stars that burn their charcoal death
Shrink back, they feel the hoary breath
Of he who ransoms great Carcosa
He flees where queen and prophet meet
Where twin suns fall but never set
Escapes the tomb of lost Carcosa.”

Ilmarė bit her lip. She stepped out of Lucius’ cell. Vlad followed her.

“What?” asked Vlad.

“Yet another amazing coincidence,” said Ilmarė.

Beldin joined them. He locked gazes with her. “I know, I heard it too.”

“Heard what?” asked Vlad.

“That song,” said Ilmarė. “If Lucius hasn’t received any news of the outside world…”

“Then how did he quote the exact lyrics from Talbot’s play?” finished Beldin. [MORE]


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