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Wednesday, May 21

The Madman: Part 4 – Interview With Alexander Halliwell

“Blimey!” said Price. “Yew think that's good, yew should talk ter 'is neighbor.”

“His neighbor?” asked Kham.

“He's crazy, it's true. But then, I can never tell who's behind bars because they're crazy, us awer 'em. For instance, earlier dis year we 'ad a murder. That's right, Cuthbert Yates. Good fellow, I used ter play Three-Dragon Ante wiv 'im every week. He was seein' ter da needs ov Alexander Harriwell when da murder 'appened.”

“In the cell next to Lucius?”

Price nodded. “Yah. And if you’re real nice ter me, I might be able ter swin' an in'erview wiv 'im fer you.” He fluttered his eyes at Ilmarė.

“I’m sure Ilmarė would be very grateful.” Kham leaned forward to whisper in Price’s ear. The guard’s eyes widened. He looked at Ilmarė and licked his lips.

“Done then.” Price fumbled with the keys to Alexander’s cell and opened it.

Ilmarė glanced sideways at Kham. “What did you tell him?”

“Nothing,” said Kham. [MORE]


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