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Thursday, May 22

The Madman: Part 5 – A Dream Vision

Kham looked up, disturbed, and the city was gone to be replaced by a flat landscape punctuated by mounds and hillocks and a few stunted trees. He stood with the others.

There was a pressure building as though a storm was in the air. Kham sensed water nearby and the wind blew the smell to him. It was still dark, but he could just make out and count nine shapes, standing stones, placed around him.

First the quality of the air changed, then the ground beneath him. Kham’s heart felt too big for his chest. Something was coming.

There were cut-off screams. One after another, the people near him winked out like stars. He was alone, looking for the thing.

He sensed it at the last moment as it reached out for you, lifting him up. Kham could do nothing but lay there, tiny under its inspection. He couldn’t help but look up into its eyes… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:22 AM

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