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Tuesday, May 6

Pledge for Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity

From Shane Ivey of Pagan Publishing:
With the success of the limited edition of Delta Green: Eyes Only and
its upcoming release to distribution, Pagan Publishing and Arc Dream
Publishing are working together on a new collection for Delta Green.
Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity will feature all new resources,
including some material that we've all wanted to see since the
earliest days of Delta Green.

But we need your help.

Both companies' financial resources are tied up in our current product
lines. We have the time and the motivation to finish and release
Targets of Opportunity, but we don't yet have the bank accounts to
manufacture it.

So, we're offering the fans of Delta Green an opportunity -- you do
feel lucky, right? -- to help us put this book in your hands.

If we collect enough "pledges" through Fundable.com to cover the
various and high costs of manufacturing "Targets of Opportunity,"
we'll do it now. For each pledge, we'll ship you a copy of the book by
priority mail. (Or by airmail for fans outside the U.S., but the
pledge needs to be higher to make up for the high cost of shipping.)

I won't give a firm delivery date until it's much closer to shipping,
but if this works I expect you'll have the book in your hands this

If this doesn't work, we'll hold off on it until we save up enough
cash the old-fashioned way to release it. That would be ... later. [PLEDGE NOW!]
What are you waiting for? Pledge man, PLEDGE LIKE THE WIND!


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:31 AM

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