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Thursday, May 29

PX Poker Night: Part 10 – First Contact

The crystalline ship lay among the wreckage of the aircraft on the north side of the base, about a half-mile from the barracks and NCO club.

Guppy hopped out of the truck. Caprice stumbled out of the door on the passenger’s side.

The van was flipped on its side. Headless bodies were littered around it.

Guppy and Caprice picked up the discarded M-16s. “Hammer?” asked Caprice.

The doors to the van swung open and Hammer crawled out.

“You okay?” asked Guppy.

“I was until you hit me with the snowplow,” muttered Hammer.

“Good job on the guards,” said Caprice. “What did you do, explode them with your mind?”

Hammer shook his head. “Wasn’t me.”

“Then what did this?” asked Guppy.

Hammer’s gaze was unfocused, staring past him. He slowly rose one finger to point. “Them, I think.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:16 AM

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