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Friday, May 30

PX Poker Night: Part 12 – Good Dog

Guppy and Hammer worked together to lift the last piece of rubble off of the crab-like thing. It made a buzzing squeal noise that sounded like a bad recording of a dog’s whimper.

“There,” said Hammer. “Your dog is free. Now we need your help with—“

The lights went out.

Cold tiny fingers clawed at his arms. Hammer blindly swung outward, knocking one of the Greys down with ease.

Guppy made a low moan of terror.

The ball of light, which dimmed along with the lights in the ship, suddenly illuminated, blinding them. It zipped out of the room.

Hammer swung blindly with one pistol in his hand. The “dog” was gone, along with the light. The Greys were lifeless on the ground, having fallen where they stood. And Guppy pointed a shaking pistol at him.

“Guppy, what is wrong with you?”

“They’ll never take me!” screamed Guppy. He squeezed the trigger. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:08 PM

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