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Friday, May 23

PX Poker Night: Part 4 – The NCO Club

Sprague’s predator gaze focused on Caprice as he entered the room. “You. Why weren’t you at your post?”

Caprice’s expression of resignation meant he knew exactly where this was going. “I took a walk.”

“You took a walk?”

Caprice shrugged. “If you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty boring around here.”

“Boring, huh?” Sprague laughed. “You hear that? He said this place is boring!”

Nobody laughed except Lundy, who was too stupid to know not to.

Sprague stood up. “Now you listen to me, asswipe. I’m the king here and this is my kingdom. And you’re not a prince, or a knight, or even a serf. You’re a god damned peasant, and you live or die in this place by my good graces. Right now you’re teetering on a knife’s edge, so I suggest you choose carefully what you say next or I’ll bounce your ass out of here so hard your momma will feel it.”

“That’s a very nice speech,” said Caprice, “but don’t you think—“

“That’s it.” Sprague tossed a key to Campbell. “Take this joker back to the unused dormitories and lock his dumb ass in there until I decide what to do with him.”

Campbell cracked his knuckles. “With pleasure.” Campbell walked over to Caprice and grabbed his shoulder. [MORE]


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