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Saturday, May 24

PX Poker Night: Part 5 – Unused Dormitories

The door slammed behind him. There was the jangle of the padlocked chain around the door handle as Campbell locked it. The door didn’t actually lock from the outside.

There was only a peephole as Caprice’s window to the outside world. It was clear it wasn’t meant to be used for incarcerating prisoners.

Caprice could get out if he wanted to. The windows weren’t barred. The only obstacle was Campbell and his M-16.

“You notice anything weird about that van?” he asked through the thin door.

Campbell sighed but didn’t say anything.

“Why were they all wearing motorcycle helmets? That’s not standard issue.”

“Like you know anything about standard issue,” said Campbell. “You’re not an officer either.”

“Yeah, well you’re a pretty poor imitation of an airman so we’re even.”

Campbell turned suddenly and punched the door. It rattled from the impact. “You know, your face is starting to piss me off.”

“My face?” asked Caprice. He tried not to laugh. The man couldn’t even see him.

“You’re really starting to piss me off,” said Campbell. “You think it’s funny? You think you’re better than me?”

“I uh didn’t say that,” said Caprice. He didn’t like Campbell’s new tone. It had shifted from surly to aggressive. He backed away from the door.

“I’m gonna come in there and…” Campbell trailed off.

Caprice stared at the doorknob. Nothing happened.

After a minute of silence, Caprice asked. “Campbell?”

He peered through the peephole. [MORE]


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