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Monday, May 26

PX Poker Night: Part 7 – Things Fall Apart

“The guards at the van shot Long dead,” interjected Hammer.

“Then he got too close. Now it’s unfortunate about Campbell—“

“Unfortunate?” asked Smith. “He’s dead, for Christ’s sake!”

“And as far as I’m concerned we may be staring at his killer,” said Sprague. “Hammer, I want you to handcuff Creed to the chair.”

“Sir, if you’d just listen—“ began Hammer.

Sprague reached down and came up with a pistol pointed at Hammer’s head. “I said,” Sprague repeated slowly, “handcuff him.” He cocked the pistol. “I am NOT going to ask you AGAIN soldier!”

In a flash, Hammer’s Beretta was out aimed at Sprague. “Put the pistol down.”

“Where the hell did you get that?” shouted Sprague.

“Everybody calm down,” said Guppy.

Smith slowly edged around the side of the table towards Sprague…

The lights flickered. For a split-second Sprague looked away. [MORE]


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