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Tuesday, May 27

PX Poker Night: Part 8 – The Snow Plow

“Whatever this SONNET thing is, it’s got to be in that van,” said Hammer. “O’Shea? On my mark, you ram the van. Keep the plow up and in front of the windshield for as long as you can.”

“Right.” O’Shea revved the engine.

“Bach, Long had the only M-16. So you’re going to have to get it off his dead body. It’s about forty yards out from the van. Think you can get to it?”

Bach’s expression was grim. “If O’Shea can provide enough of a distraction, maybe. What about you guys?”

“We’re going to loop around back and come at them from the other side. Hopefully, one of us will make it.”

“This is a s&!++y plan,” said Bach.

“It’s the best we’ve got,” said Hammer. He drew his Glock. “On my mark. Ready? Go!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:18 AM

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