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Tuesday, May 27

PX Poker Night: Part 9 – The Van

Hammer kept firing and running.

The guards weren’t concerned about precision. They sprayed the area with weapons fire whenever they thought they could get a shot. It was all Hammer could to do keep their heads down.

What the hell was taking Caprice and Guppy so long?

Then he was at the van. It reverberated with an odd humming sound.

“Delta team, this is SONNET,” came a man’s voice from inside the van. “Situation critical. Backup requested.”

Hammer threw open the door to the back of the van and hopped inside, yanking it closed behind him. He surprised two other men in bulky helmets similar to the guards, sans armor. Their attire gave the distinct impression of humanoid insects.

A large electronic device filled the back half of the van. Visible through a small glass window in a safe-like door of the device was a glowing piece of crystal. A chemically powered crystal slowly ticked digital time.

The men drew their own pistols. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 11:12 PM

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