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Monday, May 19

PX Poker Night - Prologue

Guppy extended his hand to a trim, wiry redheaded man with blue eyes and a freckled complexion. “Name’s Hank,” he said with a smile.

“O’Shea,” he responded. “Second Lieutenant Mike O’Shea. I’m Executive Officer here at Platte.”

Guppy smiled again. “That is wonderful. Then perhaps you can tell me who is in charge here?”

O’Shea gave him a sideways glance. “You don’t know? You really are new. That’d be Major Louis Sprague. He’s base commander.” He looked Guppy up and down. “And he don’t like foreigners.”

“I’m just as American as you!” said Guppy, getting defensive. “I eat hamburgers and wear jeans and—“

“Hamburgers?” asked O’Shea. “I thought you people didn’t eat cows.”

“No,” said Guppy. “I eat cows just like any red-blooded American.”

“Your accent’s awful thick.”

Guppy sighed. “Look, perhaps we are getting off to a wrong start. I merely want to know what we’re supposed to be doing here. I’m honestly not sure and you’re the first person I’ve met here.” [MORE]


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