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Friday, May 2

Skinwalker: Part 1 – The Sinkhole

“What is it?” asked Blade.

”A cell phone.” Guppy clicked it on. “It was recording video.” He pressed another button and it began to play.

“The cave-in appears quite recent, within the last month or so, and by the looks of things here, I’m not the first one to find it,” said a redheaded, bookish-looking woman with glasses. “I shined my light down into the chamber below, and there was something large and smooth down there.” Behind her, a humanoid figure loomed, raising a shovel in two hands. “I’m going down for a look after…” There was a grunt and then the camera spun crazily, filming the opening of the pit as it fell from its owner’s hands.

“Oh that’s not good,” said Guppy. [MORE]


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