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Tuesday, June 3

The Consequences of Vice: Part 4b – Finn’s Syndicate

Kham knocked lightly on the door labeled “Finn.” Finn’s raspy voice summoned him in.

As always, the short and chubby val’Borda sat at what might as well have been his throne. The guards that were never far from him closed the door behind Kham.

“Good to see you again, Kham.” Finn’s hangdog expression didn’t match his words. “Have a seat.”

Kham did as he was told.

Finn sighed. “You must understand that this is a terrible thing, what this Well-Dressed Man has done. He has killed someone who owed me money. That is just bad form.”

“You mean Frederick Haddon.”

Finn nodded. “But on top of that, he impersonated my organization. And for him to do such a thing is inexcusable. I am very angry with this man. And so I come to you.”

Kham straightened up. This time, he had nothing of value Finn could take from him. Not even Beldin’s Sign of Drac. Well, there was always Fleshripper, but he preferred not to think about what might happen if they tried to take it from him.

“My men didn’t kill Frederick. You know how I operate. Killing people is bad for business. I take pieces of people until they remember they should pay their debts. But they can’t pay their debts if they’re dead.”

“I’ve seen your work,” said Kham.

“This Well-Dressed Man, he sells this drink.” Finn sighed again. “It’s instantly addictive. Once you get hooked, you never get off of it. On the street, they call it Ghoul Juice. I call it poison.”

Kham swallowed. “I’ve…heard of it.” [MORE]


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