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Saturday, June 14

Hot Air: Part 3 – Al-Hazzan

“Did you disable it?”

Guppy wiped the sweat off of his brow. “I think so.”

“You THINK so? Guppy, you have to be really, REALLY sure about this.”

“I said I think so, all right?” growled Guppy. “But there’s a failsafe. A manual detonator”

“A failsafe? How many detonators on this damn thing?”

“Three,” said Guppy. “And I can’t disarm that one. Not without setting it off.”

“So they can still set it off manually.”

Guppy nodded. “This is supersarin. One drop can kill a man. If it was dispersed over a populated city, the death tolls would be in the millions…”

The roar of supersonic jet engines rattled the interior of the jumbo jet. The cistron link was filled with chatter in different languages.

“Jet fighters,” said Hammer. “What the hell are they doing out there?" [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 12:06 AM

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