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Saturday, June 14

Hot Air: Part 4 – High, High, High

The terrorists didn’t see or hear him. A man who looked like the leader of the plane was in front, instructing two other men who were piloting the plane but clearly not pilots.

One of the men, the leader, spoke in Arabic. “The Karotechia will be pleased.”

It was odd, hearing an exotic word like “Karotechia” in amongst the other Arabic words. But Hammer didn’t have time to ponder its meaning.

Hammer uncoiled himself from the service elevator and sent it back down. He crouched next to the entrance to the pilot’s compartment.

The door is open, Hammer thought to himself. The door is open. That’s all I need.

He counted to three, breathing deeply to steady himself. Then the world slowed down. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 9:17 PM

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