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Monday, June 9

Last One Out: Conclusion

Sprague’s expression was frosty on the cistron. “Good job agents. I didn’t think you could pull this off.”

“That place was run like a military prison,” said Hammer. “You sent us on a suicide mission.”

“Every CIFA mission is a suicide mission,” said Sprague. “Don’t ever think otherwise. Still, you did what you came to do. Unfortunately, Wells did manage to create a drug known on the street as Blink. There’s a unique ingredient that Wells used to create it, stolen from the Sparkle, Inc. facility, that causes severe hallucinations and addiction. We think it was distributed in Florida, California, and New York as testing grounds for an expanded distribution network.”

“So you want us to go after those locations?” asked Caprice.

Sprague shook his head. “Not now. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.” He paused. “One other thing: None of you were exposed to the drug, were you? We picked up that explosion on satellite.”

Hammer looked at his teammates. Caprice shook his head.


Guppy was staring at his hand. [MORE]


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