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Friday, June 13

Part 2 – Someone Set Us Up the Bomb!

After rifling through an endless pile of luggage filled with cameras, underwear, and cosmetics, Guppy suddenly froze.

Hammer looked up. “Did you find it?”

A large green container sat ominously in one corner. It is most conspicuous because of its lack of markings or identification.

“I think that’s it.”

Guppy slid his toolkit over to the container. He snapped a pair of magnifying goggles down over his eyes and began examining it.

Hammer watched impatiently. “So?”

“It’s a bomb all right,” said Guppy.

“Can you disarm it?”

“I think so.”

“Good,” said Hammer. “You do that and I’ll take care of—“

“I didn’t say it was THE bomb. I said it’s A bomb.”

“You mean there’s more than one?” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:16 AM

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